An review of the calendar systems is represented. A time board of the calendar development (9000 b.o.c. -- TODAY) gives an overview to the different calendar systems. To the individual calendar systems data are indicated to history, structure, notes and source data.


An review of the calendar computations is represented. To the individual calendar systems data are indicated to the average yearly length, calculations and correspondences in other calendar systems, notes and source data.


Here you find the questions and answers frequently placed about chronology.


Here you find to information, which concerns itself with the daily organization and/or with the time.


Here all source data are listed to name calendar, encyclopedia and the different calendar systems.


In this column are all other calculations:
- Calculations of the holidays (in F, G, UK and US)
- Calculations of the daily difference between two dates
- Calculations of a new date after / before one period
- Calculation of the weekday
- Representation of the current moon phase
- Perpetual calendar
- Calculation of the date of birth


In the encyclopedia all notes are gathered to the different calendar systems.

Name calendar

In the name calendar can be read off after input of the date (day and month) the appropriate names. In another computation after input of the name the appropriate name days one indicates.
There is at present 2504 names (from F, G, UK and US) contained.

Conception calendar

Calculation of the sex of the child after the Chinese conception calendar.


Here the relational relations between 2 persons is computed. For both persons the relational relationship with general (common) ancestors is stopped and represented afterwards the relational relationship between both persons.


After input of the surname the soundex code is calculated. As this soundex code is calculated is to be also reread here.


Here you find the questions and answers frequently placed about genealogy.

Family trees

Here 3 family trees from "The Lord of the Rings" are represented:
- Family tree of the Hobbits
- Family tree of the dwarves
- Family tree of the elben and humans

InterNet sites

Here you find the project "genealogy and people communication".


In this encyclopedia become genealogische terms, which something with relational relations to do have (for example Brother, Aunt 1st degree, Cousin (male) 1st degree 1 generation removes, Grand daughter, Brother-in-law or Step brother) explained.

Kekule system

The system developed after the German mathematician Stephan Kekule of Stradonitz is explained here.

Degrees of relationship

The degree like far 2 persons are related with one another after the degree of relationship one indicates.
Here 2 different degrees of relationship are represented:
- The canonical right
- The Roman right


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- Should a new calendar (e.g. world calendar) be introduced?
- Which service on these homepage is unnecessary and should be removed?
- How does this homepage please you?

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- Ancestor research
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- Search machines
- Webdesign and Homepage

Photo album

In my spare time I photograph for example buildings or other one which me pleases. The photos, which are shown here, do not lay any claim on professionalism.

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Freehand drawings

Here 12 different freehand drawings, which were drawn during my study and in the spare time by me, are represented.


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