Which different calendar systems are there?
How did they develop and structured?

On this and many far questions to the chronology this homepage can give you answer. A time board (9000 b.o.c. -- TODAY) gives you an overview in the development of the calendars and clocks.

A FAQ contains the most frequent questions and answers to the range of topics chronology.

In the column "Time" they find very interesting InterNet sites, which concerned themselves very in detail with the topic daily organization and time.

To each calendar system extensive source data are indicated. At present 6 different calendar systems can be converted against each other. An encyclopedia part contains all notes to the calendar systems.

In the column "Calculations" let you calculate the possibility the following:
- the holidays (in F, G, UK and US) - the daily difference between two dates
- a new date after / before one period in days
- the weekday
- the kind of the yearly
- the current moon phase
- der perpetual calendar

When do I have name day?

This question answers to you the name calendar, if your name is contained in the list from at present over 2500 names (in F, G, UK and US).

For all becoming parents the possibility exists to determine the sex of the child with the help of the Chinese conception calendar.

How are 2 persons, who have a common ancestor, with one another related?

You receive the answer in the second emphasis of these homepage (genealogy) with the help of the "Cousin calculation".

What is the "Soundex procedure" and to which does one need it?

The "Soundex calculation" gives you the answer.

A FAQ contains the most frequent questions and answers to the range of topics genealogy.

The author John Roland Reuel Tolkien created a masterpiece with its writings "Silmarillion", "Tuor and its arrival in Gondolin", "The small hobbit" and the three-divisor "The Lord of the Rings". The family trees of the Hobbits, Dwarves, Elben and Humans are on these homepage.

On "InterNet sites" you find the project "Genealogy and people communication" to the column "GENEALOGY". I am very much interested in your opinion to this project.

What is the difference between cousin of 1st degree and cousin of 1st degree 1 generation removes?
What means the term great-grandparents?

You find the answer in the encyclopedia part of the column "GENEALOGY". There also simple terms are explained such as grandchildren, sister-in-law, mother-in-law or stepfather.

What are the "Kekule system" and which are the difference to the degree of relationship after the canonical and Roman right?

For both questions you find the answers in the column "Kekule system" and/or in the column of "Degrees of relationship".

The homepage offers further different services to you.

Test your knowledge over chronology and genealogy in the new Quiz. For the pastime you play nevertheless times "The tower of Benares" (play stages: 3 to 7 disks). With the E-Mail form you can send me personally a message. Take part nevertheless in the inquiries and deliver yourselves you to the individual inquiries your comment. Their opinion interests me. With E-Postcards you can send a postcard away to friends or acquaintance. If you should look for possibly something on the homepage and find this not alike, then the full text search or sitemap could help you.

In the column "OTHERS" you can read a selected bookmark list to different ranges. The logbook too these homepage is since that 9th Septembers 2002 online. In the column "OTHERS" is also a "protected range" contained, which is accessible only to a circle of acquaintances personally selected by me. At present 12 freehand drawings (drawn by me) are to be regarded. These drawings can send themselves you or to others by E-Postcard.

In the column "STATISTIC" can see you in which countries this homepage were already called.

In the column "IMPRINT" find you to personal data my. Likewise you find there to "Liability & Legal" too these homepage.

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