Liability and legal

Place bookmarks on my homepage

I allow to set fundamentally bookmarks on my side!
Please call my side not within your own frameset, but in a new web window!
If you need a banner of my homepage, you inform me by E-Mail form.
On a notification about that point I would be glad.

Bookmarks on my homepage to other sites

All bookmarks on this homepage are to be seen as recommendations, with eception such bookmarks which are commented correspondigly!

It is possible naturally, that for the contents on these bookmarks to itself without my knowledge have changed. In the imprint of the Berlin prepresentative for data security and acts ralization (German site) stands that I are called to account for foreign contents only can if I have positive knowledge form a content liable to penalty or illegal, it is technically possible to me and I am able to prevent their use.

However, it can not be reasonable, that I all bookmarks on my homepage constantly then controls whether they ar still in the condition, when they of me set became.

If you are to the opinion, that one of the bookmarks on my homepage civilian clothes legal or criminal responsibility releases, then you give me answer, so that this bookmark can be removed so quickly as possible.