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The project "Genealogy and people communication" is to state, how everyone to everyone, on possibly a way related by marriage and/or related are. For this purpose some interesting InterNet sites are specified here as sources. The represented family trees could be linked in a project.

Some also persons from the Bible and/or form other religious communities contain and also noble persons of these family trees as for example Charlemagne. A family tree, which represents persons from the Bible and/or from other religious communities, is very speculative, on the other hand one this can be not 100 percent excluded.

In the Occident Charlemagne is called "father of Europe". As well as each today living European, American, Australian and other persons Charlemagne might prove in their family tree. Usually these representations for not-noble families can be proven with difficulty.
In the Orient this "role" of equivalent would know Abul Kasim Muhammad Ibn Abdallah (Prophet Mohammed) to take.

A manual of all of these family trees would be a very extensive project. It would not only show taht we all are somehow with one another related and/or related by marriage, but it could possibly prove an inestimable service over borders, ideologies and religions away for the people communication and for the people reconciliation.

The InterNet sites are divided in three categories. Here I must mark that only such sites are presented here, which could be linked with other family trees and/or genealogies with one another. Also it is possible that some of these sites could be divided into another category. These three categories are to be regarded only as rough classification.

In irregular distances further InterNet sides are represented.

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