The time

The following InterNet sites concern themselves very in detail with the daily organization and/or with the time.

Here you find not only the current time from the atomic clock, but also the useful program "AtomicClock", with which you automatically always stopped the second-exact atomic time on your computer, as if would be connected to this with an atomic clock.

Here you find the current clock times of larger cities on all continents. Beyond that important terms are described such as time belts, GMT, UTC or atomic time. Also a current weather chart is indicated here.

Information about time conversion

Inititative to the abolishment of the time conversion and/or the summer time

Decimal time

A project from Nikolai Nowaczyk.

Aristean Decimal Time

A recent time system for the world form Aristeo Canlas Fernando.

Digital Time

Digital Time from Sergey G. Zaytsev

"Time and time measurement"

Here the project topic "Time and time measurement" of the Fritz-Boehle School in Emmendingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) is presented.

"Time flow clock"

On the following site you see an animation of a clock which is based on Javascript..